Is Utilihive a Meter Data Management (MDM) system?

When discussing a modern Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that requires integration processes and system integrations with various legacy applications we are often asked if Utilihive is a Meter Data Management (MDM) system? The short and correct answer is: No.

Utilihive is an Enterprise iPaaS purpose-built for utilities and energy companies. Its main focus is managing the integrations and data exchange between the various applications, systems or parties across the entire energy value chain.  

Utilities that implement or operate a Smart Metering or AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) landscape or implement a Smart Grid with intelligent grid operations have a MDM as one of the core applications.   

Utilihive does not provide MDM capabilities (i.e. meter data management, VEE (validation, estimation, editing) processing, ToU calculation and aggregations, provisioning & commissioning, etc.). But Utilihive does provide preconfigured connectivity to the most commonly used MDM solutions in the market (KMD EnergyKey, Energyworx, Siemens EnergyIP, Oracle MDM, Cuculus ZONOS, Schneider MDM, etc.).

Utilihive is typically used to handle the integrations between the MDM and one or more of the following:

  1. HES / MDC or IoT sensing system
  2. Utilities' enterprise applications such as CC&B / Billing, AM (Asset Management), GIS, FS / WMS (Field Service / Workorder management system), or analytics solutions
  3. Market communication or centralized regional data hubs

More utilities plan to enrich their OT systems (SCADA, ADMS) with data from AMI and vice versa. For those cases, Utilihive also handles a secure, two-way communication between IT and OT.

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