Integration solutions for data-driven enterprises

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utilihive for finance

It goes without saying that financial institutions need effective data integration and process automation. You just cannot allow customer data to remain in silos especially at a time when a new generation of customer comes with a mountain of expectations and interacts with a host of disparate touchpoints. The power of intelligence drives business capabilities today and more so the finance industry. By benchmarking business capabilities with powerful data insights made possible by data integration, financial clients can improve customer centricity, re-architect connectivity and eliminate data silos. However, legacy architectures simply don't provide the agility and flexibility needed to prepare data effectively for process automation, analytics and increasingly, machine learning.

We help financial organizations to integrate and automate their front office and back-office processes. Utilihive offers a multispeed architecture that allows CIOs to easily navigate areas that are “well-understood and predictable” while making changes in the legacy technology portfolio to better suit the goals of digital transformation. This provides financial clients the flexibility to constantly adapt to the ever-changing client, market, environment, and regulatory conditions. It will enable them to build a strong foundation for success, in whatever future the industry faces.

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utilihive for transportation

From employing new technologies to delivering value faster to shifting regulations that require new strategies and tactics to ensure compliance, transportation and logistics companies must stay plugged into new and emerging data-driven trends to beat the competition and grab a larger market share. However, exploding data volumes, time-consuming data preparation tasks, data access and security have created data management challenges that stifle innovation. A new era in the transportation industry is emerging that will be powered by AI, machine learning, IoT, and other "smart" technologies and successful firms are finding ways to leverage data and new technologies to cut costs, streamline operations, and improve customer service. 

Developing a sustainable intelligent transportation system requires the seamless integration and interoperability with legacy systems, 3rd party suppliers and emerging technologies such as EV charging, cloud services, and the Internet of Things. Our Utilihive empowers organizations to be future ready 80% faster by eliminating manual coding and complex development tasks. End-to-end monitoring provides situational awareness, automates processes, frees data teams from manual, repetitive tasks, and empowers analytics experts to easily create their own data products – no more bottlenecks. We can quickly integrate siloed data into a data lake, unify data into a single data model, and define data marts for advanced analytics or specific use cases.

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