Market Communication and Datahub Integration for DSOs and Retailers


As the energy sector shifts towards a more decentralized and deregulated market, vertically integrated energy companies and retailers that have specific market roles must adapt and embrace the integration of regional data hubs and market communication systems to manage and share data with various market participants.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the data collected is accurate and up to date whilst ensuring that security and data privacy concerns are addressed to protect the integrity of the integrations and data. DSOs, retailers and other market actors need to manage the orchestration and monitoring of market message exchanges for long running market processes including change of supplier, changes in metering, balancing, redispatch and others. Managing complex processes requires a real-time monitoring and exception handling for operational processes to ensure compliance with strict SLAs.


Ideal solution

The ideal solution encompasses a comprehensive set of features to address the dynamic landscape of governance and compliance changes. It offers flexible integration capabilities, enabling seamless adaptation to future requirements. Configurable orchestrations play a pivotal role, allowing organizations to tailor workflows according to their specific needs, and configuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) such as timeout preferences and expiry dates.

Additionally, configurable logical rules empower users to efficiently manage the orchestration of market message flows, ensuring smooth operations. The solution needs to monitor SLA and KPI, providing timely reporting of data including meter readings, error handling, data quality and more. To enhance operational efficiency, it needs to incorporate a high degree of automated error handling, swiftly identifying and resolving issues to minimize disruptions. It needs to support manual interventions and task management, recognizing the importance of human oversight and intervention when required. This comprehensive solution must equip organizations with a robust and scalable solution that not only meets current needs but also anticipates and accommodates future changes in the market, governance, and compliance.

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how utilihive solves it

Utilihive is purpose built with a range of features designed to streamline processes and optimize performance. As an integration engine, Utilihive serves as a central platform to effectively manage the integration with market communication or regional data hubs, facilitating seamless data exchange.

The Utilihive Heartbeat functionality enables continuous monitoring of integrations and technical message exchange, ensuring the reliability and stability of the system. By leveraging Utilihive's buit-in Heartbeat monitoring, orchestration capabilities, and error handling features, utilities can promote operational excellence in market communication or integration to regional data hubs. Utilihive M3, another key accelerator, empowers organizations to orchestrate, manage, and monitor the flow and status of market messages. Whether it involves a change of supplier or the exchange of reading data, Utilihive M3 provides configurable logic, enabling efficient and automated management of market messages and manual intervention where required.

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Benefits and value we bring

Utilihive brings a host of benefits to utilities seeking an efficient and future-proof solution. With its high degree of flexibility and adaptability built into the platform, utilities can confidently navigate future compliance and governance changes. Utilihive’s low-code configuration support for orchestrations, business rules, and SLAs/KPI monitoring, utilities can swiftly and easily manage market communications such as message expiry dates and response deadlines. This empowers utilities with actionable insights to stay complient with evolving regulations.

The reliable integration to data hubs and market communication applications is a game-changer. Advanced error handling capabilities minimizes the need for manual intervention and enables utilities to maintain smooth operations, optimize efficiency, and save valuable time and resources. Utilihive's built-in monitoring and management cockpit significantly contributes to continuous optimization and improvement of market communication allowing users to proactively monitor performance, identify issues, and make informed decisions based on real-time insights. Built-in audit trails offers utilities transparency, accountability, and traceability of operations, allowing them to effectively meet compliance requirements.

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