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Succeeding with Utilihive

Greenbird’s Professional Services team is committed to help partners and customers succeed. Who better to help you become a Utilihive Expert than the experts at the company you purchased your platform from? Our training professionals equips your developers, data science and operational teams with the skills and knowledge to increase the value you gain from our technology and platform functionality. Our personalized approach to learning offers tailored on-site, self-learning and online options. And when you need additional support. We deliver it. Our experts offer support services, managed services, and professional services to help optimize your software ecosystems that is making data fly.

Training on Utilihive Platform

We offer a variety of training options to help you become an expert user of the Utilihive platform. We offer standard training options, including on-site courses and online as well as a free on-demand tools that cover the topics that are important to you and your organization. There are four types of standard training packages available to select from.

Support (we've got you covered)

We know everyone could use a helping hand. Whether you’ve got questions about installation, found a glitch in the platform, have a critical error, or need a little moral support, we’ve got your back. We’re here to ensure you benefit from your Utilihive investment—just don’t ask us for emotional support. Our technical experts can offer hands-on technical insight and 24/7 level 2 and 3 support according to your specific SLAs and Utilihive subscription.


Skilled and experienced consultants can advise across every aspect of integration and help you design, build and run the platform that will ensure your Utilihive implementation performs optimally. We provide the knowledge, experience or manpower you need to realize the greatest return from your IT investments, enabling you to focus on what matters most, your core business.