Is Utilihive only for utilities or can I use it in other industries too?

Utilihive was originally developed with utilities and the energy sector in mind. However, the platform’s capabilities can also be used to help solve mission-critical integration and data-driven processes in other industries with similar challenges. 

Several clients use our integration technology platform to run full-scale operations in sectors that include transport & logistics, financial services, debt collection, retail, and the public sector.

Clients choose the Utilihive technology mainly because they:

  • Want to operate with agility and deliver integration services quickly , but do not want to spend efforts on operating and managing the integration platform and the delivered integrations. Utilihive is an eiPaaS (Enterprise iPaaS) and provided as a managed integration service which includes operations and management of the delivered integration solution.
  • Must handle a secure communication and data exchange between local systems and / or cloud services. Utilihive provides built-in capabilities to securely integrate and exchange data across network domains.
  • Need operational deployment flexibility in order to adapt quickly to changing requirements. Utilihive is designed and developed on modern cloud-native technologies and as a result can be operated and deployed both in a public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), private cloud, on-premise or even in hybrid / mixed deployment scenarios.
  • Manage huge data amounts (i.e. IoT scenarios), must handle rapidly changing data volumes and / or need a reliable real-time data exchange. Utilihive is developed as a network of reactive microservices with high availability, high performance and elastic scalability in mind.
  • Identify an event-driven architecture as a cornerstone of their digital transformation strategy. Utilihive, with its network of reactive microservices, fosters an event-based integration design.
  • Need a Digital Integration Hub (DIH) to deliver new data-driven services. Utilihive incorporates enterprise integration, low latency data storage and a high-speed data services API in one holistic DIH platform.

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