Cloudwheel helps Flytoget deliver on Service Reliability

Oslo 29 June, 2020

Flytoget chose Greenbird’s Cloudwheel integration Platform-as-a-Service to get a reliable, flexible platform in the cloud, enabling it to integrate multiple systems and vendors.

With Cloudwheel, Flytoget has greater control over its data and vendor ecosystem so that systems, processes and people can work seamlessly together to deliver on customer service. This will put the company on course to maintain, or even surpass, its already enviable customer satisfaction rating which has nearly met Flytoget’s 97% goal.

Key to Flytoget’s decision to use Cloudwheel is the system’s resilience and persistence. Data is stored in multiple steps in every data flow, so once data is received, it is never lost, even if a connected system or vendor goes down. Any IT related disruptions, due to a system going off-line for example, will seldom impact other processes as most communication is performed asynchronously in the Cloudwheel platform. Ultimately, this will help to deliver the excellent service Flytoget’s customers expect.

Taking ownership for client success

One of the striking things about this collaboration is the emphasis on teamwork between Greenbird and Flytoget.

Øystein Grændsen, Greenbird's Senior Software Engineer said,

"A key focus with our Cloudwheel platform is to work collaboratively with our clients. We believe this reduces consultancy hours and development costs, ensuring that our customers realize the solution they need, accelerating time to implemention."

Flytoget constantly strives for customer happiness and can be proud of the 96% customer satisfaction rating they are currently achieving. The teams from Flytoget and Greenbird hope that by moving to the cloud with Cloudwheel, Flytoget will further improve this impressive score.

Teamwork is important to Flytoget’s approach, with vendors, partners and IT systems working together to deliver the company’s high customer service goals.

Flytoget’s Head of IT Product Development, Leo Bull, commented,

“Greenbird is the best partner for integration work. Not only do they offer a logical approach and great design, the Greenbird team are a good sounding board. At Flytoget, we feel our work with Greenbird is a collaborative effort; we work with them as a team, as a partner in integration, and not simply as a solution provider.

Greenbird’s technical competence and expertise means we are confident to let the team members get on with their job, knowing they will come to us if there is something we should discuss. Their advice and the open dialogue we have with them, reduces our risk. Greenbird truly delivers on its slogan of Making Data Fly!”

Cloudwheel As A Platform

Flytoget’s objective was to integrate all its systems into the cloud. These include its customer database and systems for planning, ticket purchasing and train timetables.

Cloudwheel delivers an industry leading, cloud-native, high productivity integration solution. It has accelerated Flytoget’s move to the cloud while still providing high quality integrations. The move from point-to-point integrations to ‘Cloudwheel’s iPaaS approach’ gives Flytoget added agility. This will enable Flytoget to exchange data from multiple vendors, giving it the flexibility to easily on-board new partners and expand its partner ecosystem.

Data-Driven Potential

With Cloudwheel, Flytoget can integrate data from its entire ecosystem. This puts Flytoget in control of its data, setting the agenda for data management and unifying data between its ecosystem partners.

Flytoget now has access to rich data streams that offer the potential to provide new customer services and revenue streams.

A Flexible Platform

Data makes data great with integration and cloud that empowers reliability and increases agility while data implements innovation in the cloud.

Integrations can also be reused, reducing costs and accelerating time to market from months to just days. Included within the Cloudwheel subsciption is access to the best competence in the market, able and always available to deliver new functionality. This provides organizations like Flytoget, in the midst of digitalisation and innovation, a trouble free and flexible integration platform that can be seamlessly changed or expanded over time.

Real-time Monitoring in the Cloud

Cloudwheel’s delivery in the cloud makes it straight forward to maintain the infrastructure, run the platform and applications and monitor the system in real-time for alarms to ensure reliability. Any errors can be rapidly fixed, and security is improved by real-time visibility.

It is vital that all parts of the Flytoget ecosystem work together to deliver the high KPI scores for customer service that Flytoget sets. It is a mission-critical part of the ecosystem that delivers these high scores. The movement to the cloud with Cloudwheel is a key step in its strategy to continue delivering excellent customer services and satisfaction.

About Greenbird:

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for utilities. We are a true DevOps company, delivering unique time to market and reliability. We were named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2018 because of our domain specific and flexible integration capabilities, crucial for creating easy-to-consume integrated solutions. Utilihive empowers utilities to manage their data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models while accelerating the journey towards the energy revolution. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway.

For more information:

Frederik ten Sythoff
Greenbird Integration Technology
Storgata 1, 0155 Oslo, Norway

About Flytoget:

Flytoget, is the only high-speed train in Norway, and carries almost 7 million passengers to and from Oslo airport annually. The train’s end station in the west is Drammen, and it has a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour. From Oslo Central Station, the train departs every 10 minutes, and from there the train takes 19 minutes to Oslo Airport.

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